About Us 

Our family has a rich tradition in the Dallas community for creating some of the city’s most sought after tamales at our flagship restaurant, La Popular Tamale House - located in East Dallas. We had decided that we wanted to provide the city of Dallas, and our existing loyal customers, with a complete catering experience -- so we opened Peak & Elm Catering Company in February 2013.


We specialize in contemporary Mexican cuisine with a creative twist. Fresh, local ingredients will be used. Our menu consists of simple dishes full of flavor and soul. 

We want our neighbors to feel that we’ve always been a part of this community, as we work to truly honor the history and the story behind our unique space. Our goal is to reflect the charm that this building had when it was built in the early 1900’s, and bring you into a warm dining experience full of culture and tradition.


Our menu items are creatively- driven and change seasonally. Authentic "Mex-Mex" cuisine is our focus. Although chips and salsa are available on our menu, they are never served as an appetizer as traditionally done by "Tex-Mex" restaurants around town. Instead, we serve a ”crudito” as your palette cleanser, which ensures that all of our patrons taste the amazing flavors in our dishes.


Our sister restaurant, La Popular Tamale House, which we established in 1984, also has its roots in East Dallas’ Lakewood community. During La Popular’s 30-year history, we have been blessed to receive numerous accolades from media outlets including Texas Monthly, Dallas Morning News, Dallas Edible, D Magazine, Dallas Observer, ABC, and FOX, and though we have been honored by the recognition we have received, we continued to enhance our culinary concepts and bring it all into Peak & Elm. 



We hope you enjoy our catering service! 



Dallas' Early Trolley System: Back when the Gypsy Tea Room was really serving tea, Dallas' trolley system was housed at the corner of Peak and Elm Streets -- right across the street from us.​

A Touch Of History: An old trolley conductor checks his line. Our restaurant served as the ticketing station for paying customers who wanted to ride the trolleys.​

Neighborhood Character: A shot of our neighborhood, New East Elm, circa 1950. It's still the same unique and buzzing area with energy, tradition, and nostalgia. We love it!​

© 2013 by PEAK & ELM Cocina Y Bar. Brought to you by La Popular Tamale House.

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